The 'Have Hope' concept was formed during Brain Drain Co. owner Shelby's recovery from NMDA autoimmune encephalitis. 


"At the end of 2017, I found myself in hospital after a 2 week run on tour with my band at the time. It started with a headache that was misdiagnosed as an infectious disease. I went undiagnosed for a further month, landing myself in ICU, experiencing hallucinations, seizures and all round life-changing experiences. I fell into a coma at the beginning of December. During this time, the doctors and nurses in the Nuerology department of Austin Hospital in Melbourne worked hard to find out was wrong with me. They soon discovered that I had NMDA Autoimmune Encephalitis. I 'rebooted' at the end of 2017, beginning my long road to recovery.


Brain Drain Co, and subsequently the “Have Hope” and “Hold On” designs, are the result of my recovery. I found myself creating in a way I never had before, and now my intentions are to spread awareness of this disease whilst continuing to create something that encourages others to heal too."



Brain Drain Co - Clothing For The Open Minded


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